Shopify-Plug-in + Sendinblue

Einfacher Kontakt zu all Ihren Kunden


Synchronisieren Sie

automatisch all Ihre Kunden in Sendinblue

Versenden Sie

all Ihre E-Mails an den Posteingang

Integrieren Sie

ansprechende Anmeldeformulare

Verwalten Sie

all Ihre Kontakte in einer einzigen Lösung

Das Shopify-Plug-in von Sendinblue bietet Ihnen die Tools, die Sie benötigen, um eine effiziente E-Mailing-Strategie umzusetzen und ansprechende Newsletter zu erstellen.

Thanks to this plugin you can:

  1. Automatically sync all your new customers and easily manage and segment them.
  2. Create attractive newsletters and send them to your customers.
  3. Improve your customer loyalty thanks to targeted email or SMS campaigns: analyze your orders and segment your customers according to their behavior on your website.
  4. Create and integrate registration forms.
  5. Automatically send your order and registration confirmations.
  6. View the statistics reports of all your campaigns to improve your future emails

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Sendinblue is a comprehensive emailing solution that enables over 300,000 businesses to send their emails from a single application. Sendinblue’s goal is to provide SMEs with a powerful and easy-to-use emailing solution at a fair price. With Sendinblue you can easily create and send email campaigns, manage your order and registration confirmations and view all your email statistics.

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